Allyca’s Motto is to provide comfort and hygiene to women round the Globe.

In India We will provide the sanitary pads that would make you experience the most relaxing periods ever had.

Only 40% Female population is aware of the use of sanitary pads.The rural areas are still untouched. Allyca is committed to outreach remaining 60% Female that are unaware of the feminine hygiene and sanitation by providing them with the best sanitary napkins at affordable prices.

Compared to other existing Brands of sanitary napkins,Allyca’s pads are formulated with best japan sumitomo SAP in the centre that makes it super absorbent Breathable back sheet avoids odour and provide long day protection. The Ultra soft Non-Woven sheet will help you stay rash-free and provide care free menstrual cycle.

Allyca’sUltra thin XL+ Pads with Anion chip technology are well suited for both day and night care. It’s side guard technology avoids side leakage and allows you to spend your periods as you want.

Our Product range are available online . A complete guide to purchase our Phenomenal Product is available on our Website.


To be one, to provide hygiene & Sanitation to every Woman by 2027.


We aim to bring Rural & Urban Woman on the same platform of hygiene and sanitation with the best quality product at affordable prices.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team