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Great!! Product. what I like about these pads are that they are long lasting as well as locks odor. It's great for students like me who sit and study for hours, I can concentrate over my lectures and studies without worrying about foul smell and stain. Also, a single pack of these pads last for about 2-3 months which makes it worth spending on.


Best Sanitary Product ever used! Considering Comfort as well as Protection with High absorbing tendency so soft and Spacious + Affordable. Good Quality Product

Garima Shukla

"I have been using Allyca pads for 1 Year. Excellent quality product with luxurious softness. Broad wings prevents from leakage during night time also. After using these pads I felt relief in pain.It is highly absorbent in heavy flow days so that I used it for long duration.As it is ultra thin it was so comfortable as if I am not wearing it."

Sheetal Gautam