Allyca Sanitary Pads
Allyca Sanitary Pads
Allyca Sanitary Pads
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Allyca Sanitary Pads

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Product Instructions

  • Features & Benefits
    • Provides 8 layers protection with:
      1. Non-Woven Ultrasoft Top Sheetmade from chosen material is comfortable and suits for female delicate skin
      2. Breathable bottom sheet abandons the hot and humid instantly, keep the inner-air refresh.
      3. Release Paper and adhering - for better mounting and easy to peel off.
      4. Anion Chip in padsbrings host of benefits, most notably of which are: prevents bacteria during menstruation, reduces feminine discomfort and eliminates unwanted odors.
      5. Airlaid Paper
      6. Japan Sumitomo SAP in the centre
      7. Breathable individual Wrapper
      8. Closer Tape.
    • Side leakage guards and wings prevent fluid from leakage.
    • Absorbs the flow even on hard days, keeping the top sheet cleaner and visible, and helping in leakage prevention. 

  • Here's why lakhs of women affectionate towards us:
    • Provide 24/7 protection as it is 99% antibacterial, controls odor, maintain PH levels & avoid skin irritation.
    • Broad wings for long hours protection
    • Penetrable top sheet gives 3 times more absorbance for all-day protection.
    • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE materials that quickly absorb and keep fluids away from your body so you can sleep comfortably and confidently 
  • Advance Anion Chip Technology
    • Chitin
    • Negative Ion
    • Nano Silver
    • Far infrared
    • Magnetic 
  • Tips for Better Period Hygiene
    • Wash Yourself Properly
    • Change Your Pad Every 4-6 Hrs
    • Use Clean Underwear
    • Wrap & Dispose In Dustbin Only 
  • Directions to Use
    • Peel off the release paper
    • Stick the pad on panty crutch
    • Press the wings firmly on panty
    • Direction for Disposal
      • Wrap the used pad properly in the wrapper that is attached to the pad or use an old newspaper to dispose the used napkins/ pads.
      • Throw the used pad in the dustbin
      • Don’t flush it or throw it in open
    • MFG Date
      • Best before / use by date (if the pre-packaged commodity can become unfit for human consumption after a period.) - Use before 2 years from the Mfg. Date written on the packet
    • Storage Instructions
      • Store in a dry & neat place

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    Why customer loves Allyca Pads?

    Long-lasting protection

    Up to 8 hours of protection, even with heavy flow.


    Satisfaction guarantee, try risk-free.

    Positive customer reviews

    Quality, comfort, and effectiveness.


    Allyca sanitary pads have 8 layers of protection, including a non-woven ultrasoft top sheet, breathable bottom sheet, release paper, anion chip, airlaid paper, Japan Sumitomo SAP, breathable individual wrapper, and closer tape. The anion chip helps to prevent bacteria, reduce feminine discomfort, and eliminate unwanted odors. The pads are also 99% antibacterial, control odor, maintain pH levels, and avoid skin irritation. They have broad wings for long hours protection and a penetrable top sheet that gives 3 times more absorbance for all-day protection.

    Allyca sanitary pads are popular because they provide 24/7 protection, are soft and comfortable, and have advanced anion chip technology. They are also affordable and easy to find.

    Here are some tips for better period hygiene:

    * Wash yourself properly with soap and water.
    * Change your pad every 4-6 hours.
    * Use clean underwear.
    * Wrap and dispose of used pads in the dustbin only.

    To use Allyca sanitary pads, follow these steps:

    1. Peel off the release paper.
    2. Stick the pad on your panty crutch.
    3. Press the wings firmly on your panty.

    To dispose of Allyca sanitary pads, follow these steps:

    1. Wrap the used pad properly in the wrapper that is attached to the pad or use an old newspaper.
    2. Throw the used pad in the dustbin.
    3. Do not flush it or throw it in the open.

    The best before date for Allyca sanitary pads is 2 years from the manufacturing date.

    Store Allyca sanitary pads in a dry and neat place.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Stuti Shukla
    Brand Allyca

    The Most Comfortable Napkin I Found, No Strong Fragrance and lock odour as well. It's Softness Helps to prevent by irritation! NO ITCHING NO RASHES.
    Comes in Different Sizes.
    Highly Recommended....

    Allyca Sanitary Napkins

    Great!! Product. what I like about these pads are that they are long lasting as well as locks odor. It's great for students like me who sit and study for hours, I can concentrate over my lectures and studies without worrying about foul smell and stain. Also, a single pack of these pads last for about 2-3 months which makes it worth spending on.

    Garima Shukla
    About Allyca Pads

    Best Sanitary Product ever used! Considering Comfort as well as Protection with High absorbing tendency so soft and Spacious + Affordable. Good Quality Product

    Sheetal Gautam
    Allyca pads

    "I have been using Allyca pads for 1 Year. Excellent quality product with luxurious softness. Broad wings prevents from leakage during night time also. After using these pads I felt relief in pain.It is highly absorbent in heavy flow days so that I used it for long duration.As it is ultra thin it was so comfortable as if I am not wearing it."

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